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Networking Matters

Recent statistics show that nearly 80 percent of business executives consider professional networking to be very important to business success.

The majority of these professionals agree that regular face-to-face and online interaction with their professional network significantly strengthens the bond and keeps people “in the know.”

But, with your busy schedule and the overload of complex issues you are dealing with, how do you find the time? How do you put together a robust network? How can you stay in touch and make the most out of your networking efforts? 

Join Us. We have the network, we know the people, and we take care of all the details.

By joining a LeanUp Private Community, you will have access to an elite group of like-minded professionals with similar job responsibilities. Community membership is vetted so you are guaranteed to be included in the right community, and you can count on confidential collaboration whenever and wherever you need it.

You work hard. You deserve the best. You deserve to LeanUp!

Great Thinkers, Candid Dialogue and Innovative Solutions


Culture is Everything

Do Good. Be Good.

At LeanUp, we are not just a collection of groups, we are a true Community, committed to supporting member growth and success by following these guiding principles.

  • Respect for Others. We hold all people in the highest regard and will treat
    them with equal respect
  • Positive Outlook. Life is too short for negativity and we will strive to provide
    an environment that is positive and constructive
  • Integrity. We will always maintain the highest level of integrity
  • Active Listening.  We are here for YOU and we promise to always listen with
    an open mind and flexible attitude

Community Feedback

Here’s What We Are Hearing

“I found the members to be outstanding and the discussion was focused
on areas of great interest to me.”

“I love that you take care of all the details. I am too busy to reach out to lots of people, but I am not too busy to attend your events. It is good to catch up with so many great professionals and it is time well spent.”

“I enjoyed the meeting. It is a great group and everyone was very friendly and open.”

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